Barb Hammerquest owner All Dimensions Fitness

"I am so happy I took myself and my staff through MaLinda Perry Consulting's Strengths Coaching! The insight I gained about my staff is helping me lead a more productive team.  I believe it is a greater understanding about how they are wired that give me confidence to guide them in their positions."

Jessica Pierce, Sales Director Basin Radio Network

"MaLinda is an amazing Strengths Coach. If you've never had yours done, you need to do yourself a favor and invest in yourself! Its truly life changing!"

Jacob Shober

"Learning about my Strengths was one of the best decisions of my life!  Even years after the initial consult, my coach is still checking up on me to make sure I am using all my Strengths to their full potential.  Not only do you get a great Strengths coach, you get a friend and a mentor!"

Patrick Collier, Executive Director Boys & Girls Clubs of Campbell County


"MaLinda provided STRENGTHS training for myself and my staff as part of our leadership development training. I was greatly impressed with the insights the testing provided, far beyond typical surface level personality traits. MaLinda met with each of us individually and then together as a team to see how our STRENGTHS could work together and how we could benefit from targeting those STRENGTHS to achieve the greatest success in any given role or task. I would definitely recommend a STRENGTHS assessment and training for any team looking to improve their coordinator, teamwork, and success."